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Direct Crewing is an international acting crewing agency. We are partners for ship owners, the international shipping industry and the maritime administration for all maritime personnel and crewing matters. The most important fact: Our service is free of charge for you! [ More information ]

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Current Applications
  Position   Nationality   Age   Last known contract  
Chief Mate   Germany   41-50   1 month as Captain on Offshore
10000 GRT
Experience up to: >50000 GRT, 10000 TEU
Chief Engineer   Germany   41-50   19 months as Chief Engineer on Offshore
Engine: ( 0kW )
Experience: up to 30000kW, 4-stroke
Captain   Germany   41-50   13 months as Captain on Offshore
10000 GRT
Experience up to: >50000 GRT
2nd Eng.   Germany   31-35   3 months as 2nd Eng. on Tanker
Engine: 1x MaK ( 5000kW / 9cyl / 4-stroke )
Experience: up to 10000kW, 2-stroke, 4-stroke
3rd Eng   Germany   26-30   3 months as Cadet (techn) on Container
Engine: 1x B&W ( 45000kW / 7cyl / 2-stroke )
Experience: up to >50000kW, 2-stroke
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