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Russia 3rd Officer, 22-24 years, UNI
max.: 10000 GRT, 0 TEU
Russia 3rd Officer, 26-30 years, UNI
max.: >50000 GRT, 0 TEU
Poland Assistant-Naut., 26-30 years
max.: 12000 kW
Croatia Chief Engineer, 51-60 years
max.: 35000 kW
Russia 2nd Eng., 36-40 years
max.: 65000 kW
Latvia 2nd Officer, 31-35 years
max.: >50000 GRT, 0 TEU
Croatia 3rd Officer, 26-30 years
max.: 30000 GRT, 0 TEU
Ukraine 2nd Officer, 31-35 years, UNI
max.: 50000 GRT, 0 TEU