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Today, several thousand mainly German and European seamen put their trust in the service offered by our Crewing Department, which gives them the promise of success.
Through this service, since our agency was established, we have been assisting with and carrying out the career planning of individual maritime specialists. Many shipping companies know how important it is not to isolate themselves as far as technical personnel are concerned, and have confidence in our good contacts and our service.

If you are looking for professional specialists with a maritime background, you have come to the right place!

Choose from the following list of candidates who might be suitable for you and get in contact with us for further information. We are happy to offer you support, with no obligation, in your search for professional specialists!


Current Applications
  Position   Nationality   Age   Last known contract  
Superintendent / techn. /freelancer   Bulgaria   51-60   3 months as Chief Engineer on Car Carrier
Engine: 1x B&W ( 5000kW / 7cyl / 2-stroke )
Experience: up to >50000kW, 2-stroke
2nd Eng.   Germany   51-60   4 months as Chief Engineer on Container
Engine: 1x MaK ( 12000kW / 9cyl / 4-stroke )
Experience: up to 10000kW, 4-stroke
Electrician   Germany   51-60   6 months as 2nd Eng. on Passenger
Engine: 4x Wartsila ( 35000kW / 12cyl / 4-stroke )
Experience: up to >50000kW, 2-stroke, 4-stroke
Captain   Germany   >60   month as Captain on Passenger
30000 GRT
Experience up to: >50000 GRT, 10000 TEU
Chief Engineer   Germany   51-60   9 months as Chief Engineer on Offshore
Engine: 2x S.K.L. ( 3000kW / 6cyl / 4-stroke )
Experience: up to 50000kW, 2-stroke, 4-stroke
Captain   Lithuania   41-50   4 months as Captain on Container
>50000 GRT, 7200 TEU
Experience up to: >50000 GRT, 10000 TEU
Chief Engineer   Germany   >60   8 months as Chief Engineer on Offshore
Engine: MAN ( 3000kW )
Experience: up to 30000kW, 2-stroke, 4-stroke
technical Superintendent   Germany   51-60   month as on
Engine: ( 0kW )
Experience: up to 0kW

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TOP 5 ranks


Germany Captain, 41-50 years, VHS
max.: >50000 GRT, >7200 TEU
Germany Captain, >60 years
max.: >50000 GRT, 7200 TEU
Germany Captain, 51-60 years
max.: 0 GRT, 0 TEU
Germany Chief Mate, 41-50 years
max.: >50000 GRT, >7200 TEU
Germany Chief Engineer, 41-50 years, VHS
max.: 12000 kW, 4-stroke
Germany Captain, 41-50 years
max.: >50000 GRT, 7200 TEU
Germany 2nd Eng., 36-40 years
max.: 12000 kW, 2-stoke, 4-stroke
Germany 3rd Eng, 26-30 years
max.: >85000 kW, 2-stoke